Things That Make Me Smile

I thought about this today because I was with kids all afternoon and I found myself looking at the fussy 23mos. old that really is getting too big to carry around like he’s an infant and instead of being agged that he wanted to be held, i was enchanted by his totally honest demand for his needs to be met. Which started me thinking how much kids make me happpy, how much they relax me and make things alright in my world. Which then led me to think of all the other things that make me feel that way.

As much as I love to blog to flesh things out, I just dont have the words for all that at this point in the journey. But I still have lots and lots of words that need a place to land besides just in my mind. So… I’ll just share the things that make me happy inside.

KIDS!!!! The love they have of life and the sense of freedom they seem to effortlessly embrace to just live it and discover the world around them. Their innocence makes my heart beat happy rhythms.

Great music! If it’s got a great beat, if the lyrics aren’t totally ridculous, and as much as I can’t dance, I love love love a good piece of fun goofy makes-ya-wanna-move music. All line dance songs are included here (cupid shuffle, that silly superman song, electric slide, bunnyhop, all that mess. Faves of mine. 🙂 )

A good book. Fiction. With some redeeming moral value. And hours to indulge it.

Dumb girl movies. Clueless. Legally Blonde I & II. BAPS (I know somebody remembers BAPS! :/ ). New faves would include Just Wright and Princess & The Frog. Gimme some popcorn and some other sugary random non-sense and I’m good.

Bright vibrant colors. I love to enter a space and feel like there’s life there. The energy of colors and the warmth I feel with certain ones. I cant even describe it; but I’m drawn to it everytime.

And lastly -but probably my most favorite – a great mani/pedi and a nice nice shampoo and style. Nothing like feeling all pretty and done up. And throw in a good eye-brow waxing for grins. Ya got me everytime.

Totally random right?  I know. What kinda things make u smile?


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2 Responses to Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Stacy says:

    You know how they say you have a twin somewhere else in the world? You’re mine! Lol! I’m cracking up over your list because it’s the same as mine…’cept I might add a nice meal out at Outback. And yes I do remember BAPS!

  2. Ro says:

    LOL that’s great! And a nice meal is always a winner!

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