Me & My Hair

Too bad that in July I relaxed my hair after 5 years. And decided three weeks later that I prefer it without chemicals. So my first relaxer in 5 years will be my last for a very long time.  😐

I’ve been growing it out since then and my goodness!!! I forgot how badly this itches!! This time there will be no cutting. Just transitioning until eventually the part that was relaxed is grown completely out. And since when it’s wet you can tell less and less that it was ever straightened I’m betting it won’t take long.

Thank goodness for good shampoo and great conditioner!

It’s sooo pretty straight but it’s just not who I am anymore – this always straight, fits the mold kinda girl. I’ve finally learned to enjoy variety and difference and versatility and apparently I really enjoy it in my appearance as well. Soooo… Back down the natural road I go.

And wouldn’t you know it, after 5 years and a relaxer Sweetheart has finally grown to like it. Imagine that. He hated it at first. But when I asked him how he feels about me goin back to natural, he said ‘why’d you perm it, anyway? my cousin’s been natural for 5 year and it’s pretty.’ Me: so you like it better natural. Him ‘yeah. variety.’ SMH. The one time i dont bother to consult the brotha. Go figure. 🙂

So back to my twist outs and blow dry-n-flat irons I go!

It’s a pleasant surprise to find that my journey to self-acceptance stuck and has become a real part of who I am and how I live. THAT’s another thing that makes me happy inside.

*disclaimer: this is not to say that women who prefer relaxers are not self-aware and etc. I’m just sayin’ that FOR ME, the whole natural thing is has been part of my own growth, etc etc etc. hair is just hair and variety is the spice of life. to each his own!*

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2 Responses to Me & My Hair

  1. Diane says:

    Honestly and truly, I don’t think there is much that is lovelier than well cared-for black hair in its natural state. My son has beautiful thick hair with a really tight curl to it, and oh, how I’d love to grow it out into locks or something, but his head is so sensitive I just have it cut really short so as to avoid the battle;-S My daughter’s hair is beautiful and curly too, but sadly she has alopecia (related to her Down syndrome) which causes her to lose most of her hair periodically. Just when it’s all grown back in she’ll start to lose it all over again… so sad. Poor, I am just a frustrated mama, who dreamed of styling her little ones’ hair in braids and puffs and what all, and now I can’t! (Don’t you feel sorry for me?;-}) I’ll just bet your hair is beautiful♥

  2. Ro says:

    LOL, yes I do Diane! Playing in curly textured hair really is a joy. I’ll take some pictures just for you as I grow it out. I’m learning all over how to deal w/it again cuz it’s been so long since I’ve had to do much more than wash oil and pull it back! Puffs and twists and braids OH MY!!!! 😀

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