The Post Totally NOT About What’s In My Head

So, I was gonna post about looking for a job. Then I was gonna post about what’s REALLY on my mind.

but the job post. It was sounding uber negative.

and the one about what’s really on my mind. It is uber personal.

So that leaves me with lots of things in my heart and no good way to release it. I know God wants me to talk to Him but right now that’s not even something on my agenda. I suppose that I’ll have to get over that sooner rather than later, but tonight in this moment, that’s not gonna be the case.

The last couple days have been tough. Today has been shaky. But the one saving grace of it is that I get to spend the rest of my night with my sweet little niece. I dunno what we’ll do but I know she’ll be awake when I get there. I’m thinking Princess and the Frog or some other kid movie – Toy Story 3 maybe. And then when she falls asleep, I’m gonna read a book.

I’m hoping that tonight is just what the Dr. ordered, because if it’s not then I’m left with only one choice: face the music in my head.

And I’m seriously not ready to do that just yet… not even a little bit…


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One Response to The Post Totally NOT About What’s In My Head

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