What’s In My Head

Its so weird. Blogging was my life line for so long, a way to put on paper all that rumbles through my head-space. But this last few months I guess I’ve just needed a break. Some time to deal with me and some time to face God and how I’ve felt about all things concerning my life.

It’s been well worth it. I’ve been able to take an up close and personal look at things from a different vantage point. Some things I like. Some…not so much. But the greatest coolest part of it all is seeing God be God in my world. He’s doin things He promised but that I didn’t really believe in my heart. He’s building bridges and making roads through the desert and all sorts of greatness in pretty much everyway.

usually i’d have some great lesson or insight from all this,but what i have right now is so simple:


Embrace life in all it’s fullness and richness. Allow yourself to experience it’s ups and downs. Just grab on, go for the ride,and live.

It’s starting to be fun again. More sweet than bitter. More joy than pain. More ups than downs.

I just know that i dont wanna miss one moment of God’s bigness and faithfulness. I dont want to find myself blind again to the things that have been such life-changers. I hope that thru the greatness I can remember His matchlessness and love.

I wanna hold on and let go all at the same time. i wanna be in the moment and still be able to clearly discern a change in direction.  I guess I get to learn all over again. I wonder how it looks this time, if it’ll be fun this season of growing…

anyway… just spilling my thoughts. I’ll be back 🙂


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