Changing Seasons

Spring. It seems like it’s comin’ early here. It’s sunny out and beautiful. Somewhere around 60 degrees most days – one day it even got up to the mid 80s.


But. This winter. It has actually been COLD. Not the mild Texas version of winter. But genuine winter weather. Below freezing. A little ice a little snow. A LOT of wind. And a LOT of cold.

AND I was sick. For several weeks. Very sick.

And cold.

Sick and cold.

It’s made me really appreciate such beautiful weather. The sunshine and the birds and the newness.

And then I realized that its the same with my life. Winter lasted so damned long. Really. Im just sayin. :/

It seemed like FOREVER.

But now. Spring. It has finally come on the scene. And it’s beautiful. But it comes with it’s own rain and growing pains. And I’m really pretty grateful for every last ones. Because growing pains means one thing: GROWTH. Change.Transformation. Newness.LIFE.

I cant even describe the feeling when one of these pains shows up. So cool that even in that aftermath of the storm, the foundation remains in tact.

so so cool.

There is laughter and freedom and friendship and fun in this place.

God is good.

The seasons are changing and Im grateful and excited and appreciative of all that it brings.

just wanted to share… I’ll be back soon. 🙂


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